Basic Photo Quiz 1

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  1. I disagree with question number one. All digital cameras work in RAW mode internally whether or not the RAW version is provided to the user. A lot of cheap cameras may provide the owner with only a JPG output, but internally the camera always creates the digital image by first building a RAW version which is then converted to the lower quality JPG output.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ron. While experience is certainly no substitute for the truth. Let me just say one of the first DSLRs I used a Nikon N90 with a modified digital back had no option for camera raw. The reason was the software Photoshop 4.0 was the only software available for processing digital images. That was around 1998/1999. Naturally, today things have changed dramatically. RAW is wonderful but cumbersome because each camera maker has its own proprietary format. JPEG is still the most universal standard. For that reason manufacturers use it. What you suggested that the processing by the camera is raw, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you about that. But it’s what’s the user of the camera gets, that’s the answer.

  2. I had not done this test, because I did not understand much, now with a little knowledge, I did and got 60%, not bad, but there is much to learn

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