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3rd Annual Edward Blakely Center for Sustainable Suburban Development Conference

“Revitalizing the Suburbs” January 25, 2007

wide angle picture of the Music room in the Mis

About 250 people attended this year's conference in the Music Room of the Mission Inn.Ed Blakely chatting with friends

Just as in the previous years, it was a fullhouse, so no time was wasted.Joseph Norbeck, director of CSSD welcomed everyone and introduced Edward Blakely.

Edward Blakely received a beautiful painting, gave an overview of the day's topics and spoke of his efforts in the rebuilding of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

Honorable Mayor Ron Loveridge made a brief appearance then excused himself because he had a State of the City speech to give later that day.





There were 2 panel discussions in the morning session:

The Suburban Downtown--moderator Robert Lang

  • Deepak Bahl, assoc.director, USC Center for Economic Development
  • John Reekstin, Sr. vice President of Development, The Olson Co.
  • Robert Simpson, Community Development Director, Englewood CO
  • Aseem Inam, Sr. Project Manager, Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists.

Mobility and Access--Ed Blakely. moderator Juliann Allison, assoc. professor of Political Science, UCR

  • Marc Huffman, vice president of Entitlements, Playa Vista
  • Chris Augenstein,transportation planning manager, VTA Development & Congestion Management, San Jose CA.
  • Cathy Bechtel, project director, Riverside County Transportation Commission.

Joel Kotkin,Irvine Senior Fellow, New America Foundation, spoke of the “Future of Suburbia” during lunch. Find out more about Joel.

The 3rd and final "armchair discussion" was:

Transforming Brownfields and Greenfields --moderator Con Howe, director,Center for Balanced Development in the West, Urban Land Inst. Los Angeles.

  • Ali Sahabi,President, SE Corporation
  • Sheila Danzey, SHEO LLC, New Orleans, LA
  • Randall Lewis, Executive vice president, Lewis Group of Companies


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