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Joey & Maria's Hawaiian Honeymoon Feb.12, 2005
A 3rd Grade fundraiser for St. Catherine School, Riverside

Joey and Maria's Hawaiian Honeymoon played to a sellout crowd at the Parish Hall. Among the honored guests were Fr. Gerry, Fr.David and former principal Mrs. Patricia Vesely.
From the get-go the charming troupe of actors and actresses got the audience into the mood for a fun evening. But then again this was no ordinary audience. This audience appeared ready to have a grand evening as soon as they arrived.
The Parish hall looked inviting as sharply dressed former graduates of the school stood outside waiting to greet guests with "lei"s. As guests waited for their seating assignments, others mingled to admire a fully restored Woody lit by 2 tiki lamps.
Inside Luis Reza and his lovely wife Christina photographed guests against a beach scene complete with inflatable tiki posts, while John Pierce strolled around grabbing candids of the merry-making.
Over to the left, items for the silent auction were displayed and next to each item was a clipboard for the bids.
Throughout the evening the bartending team of Eric Larsen, Jerome Di Padova, Arnold Mendez and Lesley Wille met all our guests' requests. The only complain I heard was that the glasses weren't big enough!
And while waiting for the actors and actresses to take center stage, Cindy Maynard and Diana Gonzalez put the audience in just the right mood. They performed 2 Hawaiian dances.
As a relatively newcomer to the school I was proud to be part of the team effort which makes St. Catherine a special community not just for our children, but for all of us.
The pictures you see here are just the ones that I took so they're a small sample of what's available. I'm sure what Luis Reza and John Pierce captured are even better but please contact the school for copies of the pictures.
Lastly, congratulations to Mrs.Mueting and Anita Gorder for their fine effort of putting together such a wonderful program.
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