Surfing the net without wires

Again I must emphasize that if money is no object, you should stick with Apple's airport card because the set up is as expected, easiest.

Since I have a powerbook I searched for instructions from the Apple support site for instructions on how to install the airport card. Here is the link. From this mainpage, you can look for installation instructions either as a PDF which you can download and print or a quicktime movie.
I bought the airport card but felt confident enough to do the installation myself after viewing the quicktime movie. You can bring the airport card to an Apple authorized service center (like compUSA) and have them install it.

I didn't want to leave my laptop (they said they would get to it when they do)and they wouldn't give an estimate of when the installation would be done. If you wanted them to do it right away, there was rush charge of course!So with your airport card installed, under OS 9 you should launch the airport setup application. Don't know where it is? From the finder "CMD F," and type airport. If you have the control strip module in place you should see this:OS 9 version of airport icon on your control strip.

For those running OS X, on the top right hand corner of your monitor/screen, click on the icon that looks like a inverted pie or "fan".Below is a screen shot.screen shot of airport menu on the top right of screen

When the icon that looks like a fan changes to this:icon showing airport is turned on, you're connected to your wireless base station and you ready to surf!

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