Upgrading to 10.2(Jaguar) from OS 9& Setting Up DSL--Peter Phun

My computer: G3 Powerbook Pismo (year of manufacture 2000) 400 mHz 6GB Hard drive 640 mb Ram I recently upgraded to Jaguar from OS 9, skipping the whole OS 10.1 thru' ??

After much hesitation, keep in mind I only bought my first Mac 2 years ago, I have to say I was pretty happy with OS 9.This is a tutorial based on just my personal experience. Yours might be different so feel free to email me and we can share our experiences.

Paid the student rate for Jaguar but right after I bought it, Apple decides to give it away to K-12 teachers(my wife is one). These last 3 months have been quite a ride as far as experimentations go.

My Pismo Powerbook had a 6 GB hard drive and was already overstuffed.So I swapped that hard drive for a 40 GB IBM Travelstar 5400RPM for which I paid $170 from online dealer Googlegear.(Note: this is not an endorsement, I did a search on
and they turned out to the cheapest.)

Briefly I made 3 partitions something like 5GB, 10GB, and 25GB(in practice those numbers never actually add back up 40GB,I read the reason somewhere but those details bore me.

I installed Jaguar on the 10GB portion, then installed OS 9 on the 5 GB partition and left the
big partition for experimentation.

So I contacted SBC Yahoo thru' their web site and ordered service. Those guys need to get a clue about time. They said I would be online on Oct 29th. Earlier I had received the hardware(dsl modem and self-install kit) and was just waiting for the day to arrive. You can picture me all hooked up and waiting on the 29th morning.

I turned on power for the dsl modem and nothing. I place a call to tech support and they said sorry, you're not turned on yet at leastnot till midnight but that would mean my start date would be Oct 30th, right?

First thing I noticed when I read the documentation from SBC Yahoo was that there wasn't any need to install any software.

Good luck with your own attempts.

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