On this page you'll find Quicktime Virtual Reality images. It is an Apple architecture which allows viewers a whole different way to enjoy the images we see on the web.

You might find the images will take a moment to load even if you have broadband.You're seeing a stitching of still images, often times there's five or more side-by-side. With your mouse in the image area, click and hold down as you move left or right. You'll find the image pans with your movement. To zoom in press "Shift" on your keyboard. To zoom out, use the "Control"key.

January 25, 2007. Dr. Aseem Inam, senior project manager, Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists, Pasadena, addresses attendees to the annual conference of the Ed Blakely Center for Sustainable Suburban Development in the Music Room of the Mission Inn in Riverside.

A mural in downtown Indio, California shows an early Cahuilla Indian Village. Its location is not well-known at all but it is a beautiful mural.

Creek Street in town of Ketchiken, Alaska

A crowd watches the unveiling of a Prisoner of War Memorial at the Riverside National Cemetery. See how I covered the event.