Eddie Dee Smith with Mary Curtin

From an independent website, here's what his clients say:

"Creative Wedding DVD"

"Peter took on the task of creating a wedding DVD from videos taken by family members. He took this raw footage, painfully reviewed it all, and created a fantastic video with integrated sound from our wedding songs CD.

Additionaly he integrated stills to create a great opening and ending to the DVD. He took amateur work and created a professional video that reflected our event without having been present! I only wish that I had known of Peter's work so that he could have done not only the wedding video but all of the photography of our wedding. He completed this on short notice just in time to surprise my wife on our anniversary."

------Mike P, Riverside CA January 14, 2008”


"Everything about Peter was simply outstanding - communication, work ethic, photo session, proofs and the final prints. The turn-around time was incredible."

"The photo session was on the 6th, the proofs were ready on the 7th, we took a few days to make our selection and then the final prints were finished on the 15. Will definitely call him again! "

------Carmela T”

"Peter and his photos Rock!

"Peter was great to work with. He made all involved in the shoot feel at ease with his witty way and tales! Photos were Fabulous!"

------Anita Silingo San Bernardino, CA October 1, 2007”

"Brought out the best in all!"

“Peter Phun took a personal interest in those he photographed, made each feel comfortable, allowed them the setting and the confidence to present themselves well. He was courteous and expert in his techniques. The quality of the photography was excellent.”

------Mary Curtin,
Eddie Dee Smith Visionary Planning Committee, Riverside, Oct.11, 2006

Greg and Anissa Pereira

Peter went above and beyond to give us the best service avaliable. Peter drove over an hour each way just to visit the site of our wedding and get a better idea of what shots would work. He was very understanding of all of the parents who wanted to take photos over his shoulder, and actually allowed our families to be a part of the photo process.

Our DVD had hundreds of pictures from our engagment, wedding, and reception that were all set to songs that were important to us; it really is a wonderful thing to have. I would reccomend Peter to anyone that wants to have beautiful photos at a very good price.

"A wonderful person, and a wonderful photographer!"

------Greg Los Angeles Sept.30, 2006

Jill and Tim Borth

"We cannot begin to show you our gratitude for what you've done by creating a slide show for my dad's retirement.

This is something my dad will cherish forever. You have an amazing talent, to be able to take our family photos and turn them into something that's so personal to us. You even made my husband teary eyed (something he will never admit to)! Thank you Peter!"

-------Jill & Tim Borth, Corona

Theda Bryant

"I received the DVD and the CD Negatives, let me tell you I can not begin to express how grateful I am that I chose you to shoot the wedding, my only regret is that you couldn't shoot the reception. The DVD was a very unexpected surprise, it is beautiful. I just can't find the words to say."

"I know you made considerable concessions in order to do this for us at the level you did it and the rate you charged. I pray a thousands times more back into your life and your families life for the gifts and talents the God has bestowed upon you and for Him allowing you to share them with us."

"Thank you Peter, God bless you and keep you. I most certainly look forward to using your services in the future."

------Theda Bryant, Moreno Valley

Mary and Carlo Marchese

Your work clearly demonstrated your special talent very quickly.You captured so many terrific moments that Mary and I will always treasure and proudly share with our wonderful family and friends. We were especially impressed with the collage effect you achieved on the DVD.It seemed more like a video.

We truly appreciate the effort you put forth.Your skills permit us to always remember this milestone event with great satisfaction. You can rest assured that we will recommend you to our peers wholeheartedly in the future.

Many thanks for the "poster shot" which was filled with special messages by our guests.

Best wishes in your new career.

-------Carlo Marchese, Grand Terrace