Hiring a black & white wedding photographer gives you a fresh look that's stylish and timeless

Weddings are inherently colorful events. So much time is spent in the planning and selection of colors, it's almost unthinkable to find yourself hiring a black & white wedding photographer.

But when done correctly, weddings in black and white can be nostalgic and full of emotion without the distraction of colors.Wedding photographers with experience as newspaper photographers, like Peter Phun, have the edge over their counterparts.After all, newspaper photographers or "photojournalists" used black and white film for the longest time. It wasn't until newspapers added color to their pages, that photojournalists had to make the switch to color film.

The demand for black & white wedding photography changes a lot.To the true “romantics,” there is no better way to document your wedding. By removing all the distraction of colors, each picture is distilled down to the very moment that is captured whether it's a mother crying or guest cracking up and having a great time.
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