A Case for Peter Phun

      1. I am very resourceful and I am a problem solver.——Finding workarounds are skills I acquired since I worked for a boss who was a tightwad.                                                                                            Early in my career working at the newspaper I mostly worked alone except for the occasional reporter I encountered on a story.  So whenever there was a challenge or problem I would have to find a workaround myself in the field. (Aquarium in pool)These problem solving skills are what I hope to pass on to my student
      2. I am connected to the local community——I was called on the main stage during Day of the Dead festival and honored for my pro bono promotional photography work. I am 1 of only 2 photographers who have 4 BW photos on permanent display at the Riverside Convention Center. Students will always respond well to a teacher who is connected to the community versus an unknown.
      3. I know the area well.———This is highly advantageous because quick field trips away from campus are often very essential. Whether it is practicing to shoot motor cross to learn shutter speed controls, or shooting silhouettes or location lighting, I always brought my students off campus every chance I could. Carlson Park, Milestone Mx, downtown Riversideduring the fall or to a local photography studio
      4. I am very knowledgeable about trends—-especially equipment and budgets since I own my own business. I know how to stretch limited funding. I stay abreast of developments and I keep an open mind. Drone photography is something I would like to explore since in my youth, I was trained to be a commercial pilot.
      5. I am passionate about photography——If there is a way to ruin a digital image, I’ve discovered it. I was the 1st photographer on staff at the paper in 1999 to make the switch to digital. I’m started in BW film to color film and digital. So I definitely don’t want anyone not just my students to learn the way I did.
      6. I’m always learning and constantly looking to improve my photo skills unlike teachers with more traditional background from academia.  I get bored sharing the same pictures especially in PowerPoints and lectures. So I’m always actively shooting projects on my own. This keeps me relevant. Students are naturally more receptive to practicing photographers since they can see our skills are current, practical and real world experience.

Photo tips from a creative Southern California photographer