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Chee and his son Ethan

My buddy Chee with his son Ethan were photographed in a backyard. Portraiture even if done on location does require room around your subjects. That's why we did it outdoors.

The most intriguing thing about a still photograph is how it relies quite a bit on its viewer to be successful.

So much of whether it is liked or disliked depends on the viewer’s own life experiences.

It doesn’t have a musical score to create a mood like a piece of film.

While there are some subjects with universal appeal, like babies, cute baby animals, beautiful and voluptuous women, a lot depends on the disposition of the viewer.

At the time I made this picture, I remember thinking how much I loved the expression of Ethan’s mischievous face.

But it wouldn’t have worked as well if Chee was looking straight at the camera.

I could sense my buddy Chee looking down at his son Ethan in a manner only a proud father could.

It was originally shot in color but it is an image worthy only of black and white.

Tell me why you like this picture.