No smiling for New Jersey drivers license

If you happen to live in New Jersey, try not to lose that drivers license especially if you happen to love how your current picture looks.

The sheer numbers of licensed drivers make it impossible to check manually to ensure no one has two licenses, they have resorted to using software.

And smiling wreaks havoc on their facial recognition software, so subjects for the cameras that state’s dept of motor vehicles are not allowed to smile.

That’s really a shame that  we may have to cave into practicality.

Why is this a big deal?

Consider this: what happens if you run afoul of the law especially if you’re innocent of the charges?

Most law enforcement departments reach for those DMV pictures in their news releases to the media.

Everyone knows we tend to form opinions about a stranger especially when they are involved in a less than favorable situation.

Felons and outlaws are probably too busy looking over their shoulders for cops to worry about a bad drivers license photo.

For the rest of us, being seen not smiling and generally mean-looking is not a good thing.

What about the presumption that you’re innocent till proven guilty?

Peter Phun Photography

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