No one owes you a living

I tried recently to have a conversation with my students while we were in a Zoom class meeting.

I posed this question: “How many of you are ready to leave home and live on your own?”

Since my students are high schoolers, this is just around the corner for them.

Then I told them my own story.

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Have a great day everyone and stay safe and healthy.

2 thoughts on “No one owes you a living”

  1. Juan,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a warm comment. I really felt sad when I learned of Fred’s passing especially since it was just this past year and there was no way to see him off in person. I would have loved to be able to share that in an eulogy in person.

  2. Keep inspiring Peter.

    This was a bit of tear jerker for me and spoke to me.

    You’ve been a good friend and an even better educator.

    I can usually spot another Veteran and the way you speak to me often reminds me of an Officer in the military, poised and direct. It makes sense after seeing your lecture where it comes from, that year of training to be a pilot really shaped you to be mission oriented.

    You’re definitely paying it forward Peter, in the same way Fred was a heaven send, you’ve done onto others by educating them. It doesn’t need to be check, it can be a pep talk that get’s someone headed in the right direction.

    Job well done.


    Juan Sam
    Artist. Instructor. Veteran.

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