Fall Festival at St. Francis School

I arrived late. As with previous years, I had not anticipated the parking situation so I missed the parade.

Whipped cream in face

Fifth grader Frankie Fleisher eyed his quarry with a mischievous grin that said “I’m going to let you let you have it”.

As he rubbed his palms together, he approached his helpless victim,  white paper plate with a wad of whipped cream in his right hand. “Splat!” Giggles, groans and laughter from the crowd followed. 

As with previous years, 8th grade’s booth at this year’s Fall festival  was a big hit. Tricky to get good pictures without becoming a victim of friendly fire.

Ring Toss

The ring toss looked equally popular. The object of the game was simple enough:  toss a ring to see if it would land around the neck of a soda bottle to claim that as your prize.

When asked what drink would they pick. An 8th grader answered it didn’t matter so long as it had sugar  and caffeine.

Musical Chairs

This classic game never seems to lose its appeal.

Would have been a nicer picture if there was someone seated in one of the chairs, but that’s not how the game is played.

This was so much fun even the teachers Ms.Kothlow, Mrs. Steinbock, Mrs. Hughes and Ms. Brodack  couldn’t resist participating much to the delight of their students.

So watch the brief video clip to see who came out on top in this challenge.


There were lots of other activities like face-painting and fake tatttoo-ing.

Face painting is tough.

Just ask parent Ted Dumitrescu who must have painted for a few hours.

Holding a brush to do silhouettes of shapes for hours is no joke.

If you don’t believe me, try it.

Don’t forget you can’t rest your arm on anything while you’re painting those cute little critters!

It was great to see even younger siblings present.

This young lion cub looked the part, don’t you think?

How about Pablo Puma savoring his cotton candy in his stroller?

Note to self: bring a notepad and pen.

Juggling  a still camera and a video camera is tough enough.

Do I want to write notes as well? I better since it will only make these posts more interesting.

    Equipment used:

  • Camera Canon 40D with my usual
  • 3 lens combo: a 80 -200 zoom, 50 mm and 17-35 zoom.
  • Video was shot on a Canon Optura Xi.

Video was edited with iMovie, stills Adobe Lightroom.

Below is a longer video clip from the festival.

As usual if you spot any errors, I’d appreciate you letting me know. Again, comments good and bad are appreciated.

You can see more pictures here. Enjoy! Feel free to leave your comments.