A Visit to the Evergreen Cemetery


I don’t make it a habit to visit cemeteries. Especially ones which don’t “house” or “memorialize” people I know. It’s just that this particular one I pass often around the same time after I pick up my kids after school.

Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery sits at the corner of Redwood Ave and 14th Street in Riverside near the base of Mount Rubidoux.

It is the oldest cemetery in the city.
For the longest time, there was just dirt. Because there was no fence around it, every Halloween, vandals would desecrate the grounds, kicking over tombstones. Then some locals took up the challenge to rehabilitate it.


I happened to spy these 3 Trolls arranged in front of this grave.

The thing about a gravestone marker like this, it always makes me wonder who Baby Paul was.

I’m not being nosey. Just wondering. Whoever left these must have loved the deceased who passed 43 years ago. Baby Paul didn’t live long.

neutral_density_filterAnything special about this picture of the trolls?

Not really I used a neutral density graduated filter to darken the top the sky.

The idea was so the sky wouldn’t look washed out.

Since your eye tends to wander off to the lightest part of the picture, the sky,  it would detract from the subject, the trolls.

For those of you are familiar with the traditional black and white darkroom, this filter gives you that edge burn so that you can see the photo paper’s white and your picture’s edge.

I hope the new year finds you all in good health and spirits. All this talk of uncertain times is no doubt on our minds, but we’re all in the same boat.

So long as we remember we’re not alone, we should all do okay.

Have a safe New Year’s eve.

Oh…almost forgot. Hope you like the new look of this blog. I thought it would be a good way to usher in the New Year. The one feature on the top right with little flags supposedly offers translations into the various languages. I’ll have to check out the Spanish translation to see how well this plug-in works.

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