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CPS (Canon Professional Services) which I  belong to recently changed their criteria for membership.

It’s the camera manufacturer’s division which provides support in repairs for working pros by quicker turnarounds for repairs and loaners while their gear was in the shop.

Previously they required proof that you actually make a living from photography using their equipment by furnishing tearsheets or some sort of documentation.

Their latest move, no doubt aimed at selling their “brand” more means anyone who has the deep pockets who can afford their equipment can now be a member.

They’ve compiled a list of equipment: bodies, lenses and flash units which you can check against to see if you qualify. So if you own gear that is older like I do, you’ll notice that you may not qualify now. 

For instance, I have a 17-35 mm f2.8 L series zoom lens. It’s not part of the list. Neither is my older 1D body. 

I get that Canon is a business and they need to sell but if this is their way of doing so, I think it doesn’t show how committed they are to being supportive of their professional photographers.

Photography is for many a way of self-expression.

Some of us just happen to make a living from it, hence the categorization of “professional.”  It is not defined by the equipment nor the name of a service that a camera manufacturer decides.

There are 3 tiers to CPS: 

  1. a freebie
  2. $100 
  3. $500

I’ll leave you to read about the actual service and its accompanying plans.

I don’t feel it would hurt me too much if over time I don’t qualify by virtue of not having the gear they deem as “professional.”

I just have to be more careful with my equipment. And if ever the need arises that I have to  replace a body or lens, I can rent it.

It’s not about the equipment after all that defines whether someone is considered a professional.

It’s whether their pictures will be bought by someone at a price the photographer sets–a perceived value.

7 thoughts on “Canon Professional Services”

  1. Pete-
    I just saw the “new” list. I know for a fact the 1Ds was NOT on there. I see the 1v is there now too. Interesting….so, David, we’re not going crazy.

  2. Kerry,
    I’m with you. I know the 1D wasn’t on that list when I looked. Of course, as with most things on the net, all it takes is a update and it’s history.

    I suspect there must have been quite a bit of fuss raised that’s why.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’re seeing the error of their ways.

  3. Wow,….guess I can’t read. Maybe they just added the 1Ds because I was shocked it wasn’t on there. I know it wasn’t. I’ve been trying to go on today and it says they’re having technical difficulties. Possibly expanding their lists?

  4. David,
    Thanks for helping me out here. I didn’t see that the 1D was indeed on the list.

    I think their new policy has probably alienated a lot of loyal users at least the ones who make their living from photography.

    I have some “L” lenses that aren’t on that list like the 17-35 f2.8 and 80-200 f2.8 either.

    I haven’t relied on them very much and have for the most part self-insured, meaning,if I break something I just pay for the replacement myself.

    Change is understandably difficult for everyone but when they revise their policy without a very good outreach/explanation, what do they expect will happen?

    I may give them a call to see what they say but I won’t hold my breath. It’s not that big deal to me, their service.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. I think Canon has a communication problem, or the commenters have a reading problem, or a combination of the two. The 1Ds and 1D are both on the list.

    And to you, Pete – just call them. If you’re a professional who would benefit from membership, I would think they’d talk to you about your eligibility potential. I know for a fact that human beings run the CPS. It’s not just an automated Internet program.

    As for payment and gear requirements, who knows? Maybe they were losing too much money on the program and had to tighten the requirements. Older modern gear (dense electronics but a few years old) is more difficult to service than really old gear (mechanical) or this year’s gear (parts still available).

  6. Kerry,
    Believe me, I am in the same predicament. I have a 17-35 f 2.8 L lens, a 1D which cost a lot when new, an 80-200 f2.8 lens which isn’t on the list. When is this list updated? Whenever they feel like selling more gear?

    Who is to say by next year, they won’t start dropping all the 40D, 30D and 50D?

    Like you, I don’t have enough equipment on their special list. This is definitely a slap in the face but I have to say that I’ve gotten by for so long without CPS, I’m sure you, I and the other working “pros” will be okay. This is just a way for them to sell more gear.

    It has some perks but not enough to buy some more gear so that I qualify.

    Thanks for venting.

  7. This new policy REALLY bugs me. I’ve been a pro for 20 years, a Canon shooter since the EOS system started, and a CPS member. Now they tell me I have to reapply and pay for the service(which doesn’t really bug me for what you get.) But, what really irritates me is that I don’t qualify. Yep. That’s right. I don’t qualify. I shoot with a 1Ds and it’s not even on the list! It’s a pro camera that cost $7000!!! I also use a Mamiya with an Imacon. But, I don’t have enough Canon bodies on their new list. I also have Canon glass, a Canon flash, and accessories out the wazzu but,……I still don’t qualify……..Even when I buy the 5d Mark II next month I still won’t qualify. It’s a joke.

    Kerry Pittenger Owner, kp photography

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