Miss Manners, a little help please!

Between invites in Facebook suggesting I add friends and complete strangers on Twitter following me, I’m the proverbial fish out the water. I am a total Misfit caught up in this web called social media.

When I step into a Starbucks I don’t know the vernacular, so I sheepishly ask for a regular cup of coffee.

Sadly, I don’t recall when exactly I stopped being hip.

me_johnnyI used to type in CAPS till someone told me it was rude.


So what if it’s like shouting?

C’mon in the real world, you’re telling me you don’t know people who yell even when you’re 2 feet away?

I’d like to meet the person who came up with that notion.

CAPS is good for the older folks who can’t see.

Could this be a way for the young folks to discriminate against older folks?

“I’ve got news for you sonny, you’ll be needing those bifocals too, one day”

Yours truly with my older brother Johnny (right) circa 1966.Too bad the resolution is so bad on this picture, I’d like to know myself what I have in my right hand.

I opened my Twitter account June 28, 2008.

Currently I have 24 followers. Not quite enough to be a cult.

The term followers isn’t what I think it is.

No one’s going to bow their heads when I go by.

So why exactly are they following me?

I do a Twitter update once every 3 or 4 days when I write a post on this blog. I’ve seen folks post what they’re eating for lunch, what they’re watching on tv and just about everything they do–they update every hour!

Does that stem from a need for attention? I suppose it could be worse. Those same people could be calling you up and telling you every minute.

I guess those “tweets” might make more sense if I had a data plan for my cellphone. I don’t. That must be it.

“Sweetie, so how about it? Can we spare $150 a month?”

If Hitler were alive, do you suppose he’d have lots of followers? How about Mao? And Jesus Christ?

And what about those following me, is it rude not to follow back?

At least one of those following me presently scares me. Out of curiosity I checked out her profile. It links back to an adult dating community. Do I block her?

Guys, that line, “Doesn’t matter where you get your appetite, so long as you go home and eat” will not save you. So listen up, “Delete!”

This social media is treacherous for married guys. I registered for some others like Hi5 and FanBox a while back wondering what they were.

My curiosity was answered with numerous solicitations from strange maybe-women in my yahoo email account. Some even attached pictures. Talk about being setup!

Luckily I was able to cancel/close those accounts. I leave my email open all the time because I’ve got nothing to hide from my wife.

Actually, I take that back. There is the matter of the one or two new “toys” for my MacBook Pro and photo gear that needs to be slyly introduced…

3 thoughts on “Miss Manners, a little help please!”

  1. You are welcome, Peter. The main thing to remember when online, is to have respect for yourself and others. That will take care of everything in time.


  2. Maura,
    I knew you’d have something to contribute on this.
    The internet is unchartered waters for “manners.”

    Those folks who are all over the internet tend to be young ones. Those of us who are slowly getting our feet wet later in our lives undoubtedly feel a tad intimidated.

    I wonder if they’ll ever be a consensus on what is proper and what is not. Or for that matter, should you care?

    The answer on how folks behave online I suppose will depend on whether their identities are revealed or if they choose to remain anonymous.

    Thanks again for your insight.

  3. I read the blog this morning, and then your email a few minutes ago. You are right. I do have an opinion on a few things you mentioned in the blog, but I am of the firm belief that it would be rude of me to opine on it unless I am asked personally. Don’t get me wrong, I was tempted earlier on, but I now feel as if you really would like an opinion on this so here goes;

    1. You never stopped being hip. The truly hip of this world march to the beat of their own drummers, remain open to new ideas along with new technology, maintain their friendships with respect and the love of their families continues to grow with them. You are one very hip guy, Peter.

    2. Someone, who is not your parent or etiquette consultant, pointing out that you are being rude, is himself or herself being rude. If someone continues to YELL AT ME IN EMAILS, ETC… I will at some point ask in a reply, “WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? I AM JUST CURIOUS.” and then I continue on with my reply with appropriate type. Generally, they will wonder what’s up, show my email to someone else, and I will get another email saying, “Thanks … I had no idea how many people are glad you pointed that out to me!” Note, I did not tell the offender he or she was being rude, I just made an inquiry. (With regard to those reading glasses, I still need mine even if it is in all caps.)

    3. Tweeters do not have to follow their followers. There is no rudeness involved if you do not. In your case, it sounds like you definitely shouldn’t follow yours. If your whole family, or all of your colleagues were your followers, it might make sense. Quite frankly it sounds like a whole lot of naval gazing and an odd type of voyeurism going on though, when people become obsessed with what others are doing every moment, up to the moment, every day. Reminds me a bit of junior high.

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