A Milestone of Sorts

When I started this blog, I had no purpose and direction.

Not that I have one now.

At least I know that I’m getting subscribers.

I just check feedburner’s stats and I actually have 100 people subscribing.

That in itself is nothing significant but I want to thank you all for the feedback. 

It’s nice to have people who disagree posting their comments because it keeps it interesting and helps me to get better.

I’m hoping not to have to repeat a post too often but there are times when I revisit a post because I didn’t get something right?

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “A Milestone of Sorts”

  1. Michael!
    Thanks so much for those kind words.

    You made my day. Was in a foul mood having to crawl under the kitchen sink to battle the octopus of tubing that is the undersink reverse osmosis water filtration system.

    If there’s any justice, those people who design them need to work on them.

  2. Thanks for the postings Pete! In my overstuffed mailbox, Pixel Pete’s is one message I look forward to reading. Keep up the good work.

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