What’s In a Name?

It turns out there’s a lot more than you can imagine.

I wasn’t aware the original “Pixel Pete” lives in Minnesota. He contacted me and asked that I go by another moniker.

My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience Peter “Pixel Pete” Martin. So this should be a lesson to all who read this.

If you are going to have some sort of branded name, you’ll need make sure it’s registered.

More importantly if you attempt to do so, you’ll learn if the name’s been taken.

So, may I have the name when you’re done with it, Pete? I’m only kidding. You’re going to outlive me I’m sure.

This should turn out to be an interesting experiment.

Let’s see how long it takes for the search engine bots to sort this out.

I’m actually curious to see what links are going to broken and how soon they’ll be fixed.

When I chose it, I had not intended to be taken seriously. I thought of it as a handle like the usernames people use when they sign up for websites.

If there was a warning that the name is spoken for, then I would have added something really exciting like the year I was born or worse my social security number.

To be sure there are other issues I’ll have to address like my Twitter username.

If I change that username, I’ll probably lose all my followers. Good thing, it’s not hard currency.

Since I don’t have an attachment to the name and Mr. Martin who asked so nicely has 1st dips, will 100 lashes suffice?

Let me know if “The Pixels in Pete’s World” does anything for you.

2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?”

  1. Terra,
    How nice of you to say so! The new name for my blog is already starting to grow on me.

    I’m being honest when I said I wasn’t taking the moniker Pixel Pete that seriously.

    I don’t think it matters that much since I am really not using the name professionally.

    It was spur of the moment and the best name I could think of when I started the blog.

    PIcking a name has never been my forte..

    My wife reminds me I didn’t even have any names in mind when she was in labor and I was pacing frantically in the delivery room.

    To which I responded, “How can I name my child without seeing him/her first?”

    My 17-year-old cat had no name for the longest time since he was a stray.

    One day I was eating some barbecue chicken while watching tv. He sneaked between my legs and stole a piece right from underneath me. Serves me right for being a slob using the coffee table!

    His name is “CT” short for Chicken Thief. As to CT’s sister…. she was also a stray. She stole some Tofu off the kitchen counter when I was cooking.

    Sorry no prizes for guessing what I named her.

    Terra, thanks for taking the time to leave me such a nice comment.

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