My Connection to the Internet is Miserably Slow

dsl_speedI suspected as much and over the course of several months, this is playing out to be so.

Currently I have DSL with ATT.

Actually I started out with SBC global who was bought over by ATT.

I wouldn’t say I’m cynical by nature but I do feel big businesses like the phone company and cable companies and especially the cellphone providers are always out to squeeze something out of your wallet when you’re not paying attention.

How else can it explain why my internet speed is dropping gradually?

The DSL plan I’m paying for is supposed to be 6Mbs–the top speed offered.

Today I ran a test and found I was only downloading at 1287kbps!

I confirmed this by running a test at DSL reports as well.

I won’t even bother with the uploading speed. Someone is throttling back speeds.

Mind you, I just ran this test a few minutes ago and the kids aren’t online playing any games.  No one else is using the LAN.

It’s no coincidence either that ATT has very pushy and  racking up their campaign to sell ATT U Verse in my neighborhood.

The thing is this: switching to ATT UVerse is not the problem. It’s just that the plan only  comes with TV service.

I hardly watch TV, so I don’t like the feeling that they’re not giving me a choice.

2 thoughts on “My Connection to the Internet is Miserably Slow”

  1. Dana,
    Thanks for that suggestion. I will try it when I get out my wife’s Windows laptop.

    Any idea how to do the same on a Mac? I appreciate very much your taking the time to help.

  2. try this: (if i am verbose forgive me)

    go to dos. (start button, run, type cmd, press enter)
    type this into the dos window:
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

    what this does is reset two registry keys that are used by TCP/IP, which is like removing and re-installing TCP/ip, without actually doing it. (so its safe, trust me, I’m a tech) 🙂

    this will reset your TCP/IP stack, now after this run your speed tests. if you get the same results then your ISP is probably throttling your line.

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