Staying on task when working on a computer


Frames–Using windows as a frame, I photographed a volunteer who works with rescued bunnies at the Humane Society. This time, I’m outside the building and she’s inside, so I had to use a radio slave to trigger my flash.
The flash was placed out of sight on the left. It was bounced against the white wall to give me the soft light I wanted. The blue trim around the window makes the picture, don’t you think?  Exposure was ISO 100 1/250 sec @ f11. The ambient light metered at 1/250 sec @ f8. That’s why the exterior white wall is underexposed and looks grey.  I should have cleaned the window but I was in too much of a rush for this one.

I’m online with a task. I have to make a payment.

Twenty minutes later, I’ve made my payment yet I find myself looking at more stuff to buy.

If that doesn’t resonate with you, then you’re in denial.

How many times have you gone to Amazon and looked at something to “research” and found that you’ve ended up who knows where?

It’s easy to do. 3 clicks is sometimes all it takes for you to be sidetracked.

So how do you fancy the chances of those kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder?

It’s definitely a real world problem for the next generation.

During class, I find students text messaging or web-surfing when they should be listening.

I find it amusing that some of the young ladies actually don’t realize I can hear their perfectly manicured nails actually making click-clack sounds when they text on their Blackberry, iPhones and Curves.

When I have a task to perform, I have an application which I downloaded called Chimoo Timer (for Mac users). It’s nothing fancy but it does the trick.

I set the application to jump up and down on my Dock after 30 minutes to help me stay on task.

I get sidetracked the most often with email since I have my email set to notify me whenever I have mail.

What is your strategy?

4 thoughts on “Staying on task when working on a computer”

  1. Oopsie Stuart… sorry about that! I didn’t realize I was contributing to your predicament. 🙁 I’m fairly certain if you search “productivity application free” you’ll find something. If I can find one for the Mac platform, I’ll 100% sure at least one exists for Windows.

    Now go back to work! 😉 Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave me a comment.

  2. Staying on task may be my biggest problem. Right now I should be preparing for a light drawing photography gig tonight but I clicked on Twitter and then on a link that took me to one of your articles which led me to your blog which I can’t stop reading. I would welcome a Windows app that reminds me what project I need to refocus on.

    Thanks for the insight.

  3. Hi Carrie,
    I need suggestions from Windows users for a similar application that reminds you in a discreet way without horrible sound alarms. Preferably your recommendation for such an application would be one that’s also free.

    That bunny just laid there calm as can be with the flash going off and all. Thanks Carrie for stopping by.

  4. I love this pic. I should be on the front of a book. I love how the light, is just right. it not blowing out her face. The Blue, LOVE IT.

    I think i need to get that Chimoo Timer

    Now it is with the right pic.

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