End of summer 2009


Lazy days coming to an end–“Chicken Thief” so-named because he pinched a piece of chicken from right between my legs while I was eating in front of the tv some 17 years ago. He was a stray and so was his sister Tofu. Care to guess how she got her name?

Just as the days are growing shorter, the final care-free days of summer vacation in the Phun household are quickly evaporating.

With the kids and my wife home all summer, it’s been like a recurring dream.

“Dad, we’re out of milk…(or butter pecan ice cream)”

“Dad, what are we having for dinner?”

“Can someone feed the cat?”

”Can someone change his water?”

“Sweetie, can you take out the trash?”

On and on. But can you tell I do so enjoy reminding my kids they better start getting used to rising early?


Normally we would have taken a trip with our tent trailer somewhere.

Since we found out CT, our 17-year-old cat, isn’t doing so well, the kids have been reluctant to go anywhere.

They wanted to be home to watch him. CT (Chicken Thief) is curled up on the chair next to me as I write this.

Soon I’ll have the quiet of the house in the morning to myself.

I better not get ahead of myself, I have to sort out what I’m to do with my class. My classroom has only 26 computers.

The college’s website shows I have full enrollment and 7 on the waiting list. Looks like some folks will have to double up. Maybe that surprise quiz will take care of some of them.

Don’t get me wrong. This is job security, perhaps even a testament to whether students think I do a good job. The 1st few weeks is utter chaos.

Before I let this all get to my head, here’s an interesting statistic:

According to CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) 108 million digital cameras were manufactured world wide by June this year compared to 41 million cars. This figure is down by about 20 million from 2 years ago but it’s still very significant.

That means sooner than later, film be harder to find and only the purists will cling on to it.

But don’t fall for these myths of digital photography.

Oops. I just realized I didn’t even print enough syllabi for my class, so I better get with it.

2 thoughts on “End of summer 2009”

  1. Shane,
    You have no idea how many times I wish I had found a “shortcut” after I finally learned how to do something that took a whole lot of effort and time.

    Hopefully some of those shortcuts or lessons are found in this blog.

    The trouble is we all don’t learn the same way. The good thing is, we all do.

    As wonderful a tool as the internet is for sharing/discovering knowledge, you still have to sift through a lot content and separate the garbage from the gems yourself, unfortunately.

    I kind of worry for our kids though. They have become very accustomed to instant gratification.

    Even in the video games they play, there are websites that share cheats. I have to wonder what happens when they come across a lesson in life that doesn’t have one. Hopefully they’ll have the perseverance to find their own solutions.

    I’m so glad to see you have successfully implemented Apture on your blog.

  2. It’s hard to believe that summer is gone already. Instead of spending time out by the pool, it’s now spent studying and doing homework assignments.

    I followed the link to Black Star Rising (Apture is wonderful by the way) and read the six digital myths. I wished this would have been written 3 years ago. I had to figure out the RAW storage issue myself.

    The learning curve has proved to be a long but rewarding one.


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