Looking around, but not seeing

I have my days when I see “stuff” to photograph everywhere or all the time.

Of course that always happens when I don’t have a camera with me.

“Stuff” in this case, is my very loose term for subjects. Don’t make the assumption it’s art.

It’s only art till some art critic calls it that. 😉

Then wouldn’t you know it, I’ll carry my camera with me for days and never see anything worthwhile to photograph.

It’s all about looking but not seeing and sometimes not recognizing the possibilities.

shadows1This applies especially if your subject is lit by available light.

Take a look at the picture above of one of the parking structures in downtown Riverside right next to city hall.

Its exterior is disguised very nicely to look like a office building, complete with fake windows.

For those new to photography, it’s sometimes hard to “see” something worthwhile to photograph, even if you’re looking right at it.

It takes some imagination and possibly the help with controlled substances for those lacking that. I’m only kidding, okay? 😆

Time of the Day

shadows2Obviously, if you go by this structure the same time daily and you didn’t see what I did, you’re likely not going to.

You weren’t there early like I was or maybe it was overcast.

I’ll have to go by in the evening to study this.

Besides the obvious, the shadows being on the left, what else might be different?

When you are planning to shoot in available light outdoors, paying attention to direction as well as what’s around this structure is very important.

If this facade didn’t face north, then the interesting shadows of the fake balconies wouldn’t be as strong.

I’m reminded of old-fashioned beds when I see the shadows. What do you see?

Look around your city some time and share with me what you find.

By the way, those windows aren’t big. Their opening gets progressively smaller from the outside to the inside. See for yourself.

It’s a good thing from the standpoint of public safety, I’m sure.