St.Francis School’s fall festival 2009

Another year goes by far too quickly.

It’s another group of 8th grader’s last Halloween Parade.

Always great to see teachers getting into the spirit and dressed up in costume.

This year Ms. Kothlow the principal led the way dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Mrs. Arias looked great as the Tin Man.

Ms.Lafond was Snow White.

Early morning backlighting–Shooting from a slightly elevated position cleans up the background. There was a white-colored wall kicking in some fill light on her face.

Mrs. Palencia not just looked the part of a witch, she had the wickedly laugh down as well.

The Lower Grades

8th grader John Gorder dressed as a Scotsman played his bagpipes. Watch the short video clip.

The Upper Grades

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