My pictures are on the wall

This really took quite a bit of doing. I don’t think I realized how much until I actually did it.

Time to relax and just mentally prepare for my upcoming vacation with the family.

Those of you in the local area, I hope you come by this evening to say hello.

Back to the Grind is located at 3575 University Ave, Riverside.

It’s on the north side of the street between Lemon and Lime St.

Oh, before I forget, all the pictures are for sale.

Prints are $120 each with mattes (frames not included).

Contact me directly for pricing on the 2 extra large prints.

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4 thoughts on “My pictures are on the wall”

  1. Jude,
    How nice to hear from you! I had planned to write a post on the pictures I put up. I actually had more pictures than would fit on that darn brick wall.

    Thank you for your kindness. Do let me know when you do get your own pictures up on a wall somewhere.

  2. I wish I could have seen your show!! If it gets off the ground our local coffee house is also putting together a small show for local photographers and I’m hoping to get a few of my photos from Oakwood Cemetery included.

    It looks great!

  3. Just saw these in person & I hate to say this Pete, but your pic accompanying this post does not do your photos justice! 😉 They look amazing on the wall. You framed soo many. I do not see that as a waste of money at all. Better start to look up Pomona’s Art walk and even LA’s art walk. I would absolutely show them again.

  4. Great show Peter! It was a pleasure talking photography with you. Very cool! Good luck with your workshops!

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