Easter Vacation Day 1

Necessary diversion—Yours truly photographs a flower once in a long while. What can say? I’m don’t always carry my macro lens. 17-35 mm f2.8 lens.

It took a while to get the hang of towing that tent trailer after at least a 2 year hiatus.

Our last trip with it was to Crater Lake in Oregon.

This Easter vacation, we didn’t get that adventurous since we had a week off.

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We settled on an easy 3 1/2 hour drive to the Santa Barbara County Lake Cachuma Recreation area as our site.

The lake is about 20 miles from the beautiful city of Santa Barbara and even closer to Solvang.

Before you get the idea I chose this site because of Solvang, I’m only the driver.

Anyway, to cool my heels, I had my camera and was able to keep myself occupied as my family explored this quaint little town.

When I have my cameras with me, I can usually keep myself occupied.

In fact, it’s kind of nice to tell the family, “Call me on the cellphone when you’re done,” so that I can be left to my own devices.

There is no shortage of folks with digital SLRs these days.

Everywhere I turn I see them.

Some of them actually have better gear than I do.

I spotted this gentleman stalking a flowerbed with his telltale white Canon L-series 70-200 Image stabilized lens.

Then there was this very personable lady who had the cutest black Chihuahua.

The poor little creature was shivering despite having a jacket.

Though I have internet access, I have to remember I’m on vacation.

Be back with more in day or two.

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a good time reading this wherever you may be.

4 thoughts on “Easter Vacation Day 1”

  1. DeeAnn,
    He did have flip-flops on. After I took the picture of him, I handed him my card and asked that he email me so I can send him a copy. That was in Solvang. It’s kind of funny that little hamlet actually grouped windmills in with their Danish decor.

    Windmills if I’m not mistaken are what the Netherlands is famous for, not Denmark. Great to hear from you.

  2. Jo,
    I’m so pleased to hear that Jo. You must share your images with me when you get that lens on your hands. I’m quite certain you will see big improvements. I was issued one when I worked at the newspaper naturally. But when I left, I got by without an image stabilized lens.

  3. Unlike some tourists with nice SLRs, this guys’ gut didn’t hang over his plaid shorts. Can’t tell if he’s wearing flip flops either with socks.
    Looking forward to seeing family photos, sometimes its hard to document when I’d rather be involved.

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