More spinning to create illusion of speed


Doesn't this look like Diego Corona was really moving when he took this picture? And doesn't it appear like Kodi, his model was hanging on for dear life? Well, the camera does deceive. Diego's exposure was 1/8 sec @ f25

Our 2nd attempt to see who would toss their cookies first, worked out better because the photo gods smiled on us.

For our purposes we didn’t want so much light.

With the sun out, even at our lowest ISO setting, the lowest shutter speed we could shoot at was 1/30 sec @ f22.

(I know, I know I could have used a neutral density filter to give me the shutter speed I need. But I didn’t have enough to go around for my students)

The shutter speed itself isn’t the problem.

We were finding that to get a good blur, we had to really, really spin our subject fast. Needless to say, not everyone is cut out to be an astronaut.

On our 2nd attempt, I felt we needed to minimize the vertical movement of the camera.


Giving Rob a hand by stabilizing his tripod-mounted camera as we spin his lovely wife Thelma.

So some of us used a superclamp and others used a tripod for vertical stability.

As you might imagine, the results were better. Since there’s always room for improvement, we’ll add another twist to this next time, so do stay tuned.

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  1. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope everything is well with you. Yes, it’s a simple “trick” but it is very helpful to teach the concept

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