Resolutions for this photographer

Max, the only \”boy\” also happens to be most cooperative of my 3 kittens. Have a great holiday wherever you may be.

Everyone should start the new year with the best of intentions.

I don’t usually make resolutions. It’s my list of reminders.

  1. Don’t take criticism too seriously especially if you post pictures online. Keep a sense of humor. At least, they’re acknowledging your existence..
  2. Don’t take lists too seriously. Anyone can create one online
  3. Make sure lens cap is not on. It only slows you down unless you’re putting the camera away for long term storage which is “never.”
  4. Make sure batteries are charged. It’s life. Something is happening, you grab the camera, and you turn it on to see Pssst! Worthless paper weight.
  5. Make sure memory cards are formatted and ready to go. Always format in the camera not the computer. If you didn’t know you can do it on the computer, good.

  1. Even if it’s a Point-and-Shoot camera, always have one handy. I know the National Enquirer has published pictures of UFOs,  but you need to get your own.
  2. Don’t offer advice when not asked. In other words, stay out of it.
  3. When asked for an opinion, question first your intentions especially if you plan to be mean. An honest critique can be helpful  but it shouldn’t be downright mean. Surprise, surprise, you might not admit it. You could be  jealous that you didn’t come up with that idea.
  4. Remind myself: lenses and camera don’t make pictures.  Even lightning can’t take its own picture, if the shutter isn’t open and aimed at the right spot with the right aperture  set.
  5. Find your passion, use your camera to capture it and more importantly share it with others.The feedback you get will be your motivation to get outside with your camera.
  6. Keep up with local news and current events. Events that happen in your local areas can be excellent photo opportunities especially if you don’t have the luxury to travel far.
  7. It doesn’t hurt to be humble. Listen to what Chief White House photographer Pete Souza had to say at the end of the embedded video.

I’m the luckiest photographer in the world, I’m not in this job because I’m the best photographer in the world.

I met Barrack Obama in ’05 and he liked me, so I just think I’m a lucky S.O.B— Pete Souza

If I forgot something, feel free to remind me under comments.


3 thoughts on “Resolutions for this photographer”

  1. Jo, I can only give you anecdotal evidence but I’ve damaged my Compact Flash cards in the past when I formatted in the computer. And ever since started formatting only in the camera, I’ve never had a problem whatsoever.

  2. Why format in the camera and not on the computer? Other photographers have said the same thing to me, and just as cryptically. Is it a secret?

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