How not to treat $5K photo equipment

A news photographer friend of mine, Stan Lim, grabbed this picture at a sporting event.

The circumstances like what sort of event and where aren’t important.

Stan also knew to take this picture from behind so the  photographer will remain anonymous.

He posted it on Facebook. As expected there were some comments.

I tend to live and let live, but occasionally when I see plain abuse even if it’s not my equipment, I have to shake my head and sigh in disbelief at such callousness.

Thanks Stan for  allowing me to use your picture on the blog.

I’m sure you also have some thoughts about this. No doubt there will be some in the Nikon camp who will take a cheap shot. Let me hear what you guys think.

Among the responses I’ve read on FB:


  • Alex C— It hurts just watching this. … And I’m not talking about the physical pain in this guy’s butt. What a waste of quality gear!
  • Doug B–Kinda makes sense for a Canon lens!!!
  • Peter S–I hope the lens cap is on.



    14 thoughts on “How not to treat $5K photo equipment”

    1. Hi JB,
      Sorry it’s been a while since your comment. I didn’t get notification for some reason or maybe I did.

      I take it you own one of these coffee mugs too? Every photographer, Canon or Nikon now owns one.

      I still can’t get over how people can’t can treat thousands of dollars of gear like this.:(

      Beautiful work on your website, btw.

    2. @Jo, Wanda and DeeAnn,
      It better not be a guy thing this sort of lack of regard for equipment. It does make a big difference whose gear it is.

      When I was at the newspaper, some of my colleagues were not very good about taking care of pool equipment like long lenses.

      In fact I saw this just the other night I was at a baseball game. It was raining. One of the photographers just left his gear sitting there exposed while it rained. No attempt to cover it. When I gave him a look, he said to me, “Company gear.”

    3. @Nora,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I hope you’ll come back often. I think I’ve said my bit. I”m quite speechless now.

    4. My first thought was ‘so clean & new, must be company equipment’.
      But even my own equipment gets frayed (just replaced UV filter), not from abuse, just regular use.
      I’d think regular squatting (heels flat) would be more comfortable than this 300 2.8 stool. And lets admit, could be worse. At least photog looks fit rather than ‘people of Walmart’.

    5. I’m trying to imagine what went through his mind just before he decided that his CAMERA was the best place for him to rest his poor tired bottom on. . . the mind boggles.

    6. Paul,
      If the subject in the picture were a Nikon user, I’m sure the Canon folks would pile it on too, so no need to apologize.

      Baffling to me. I hope it’s not a case of showing that I”m so rich, I can use this as a stool.

    7. Wow.

      I can say I abuse gear on occasion, but usually while actually shooting breaking news.

      “This is madness”

      “This IS CANON!”

      Sorry, bad 300 joke.

    8. Jude,
      Thanks for chiming in. I keep wondering if more background is going to make a difference to this attitude to his gear.

      Not really. If you don’t take care of your gear, even if it’s not yours, you’re bound to be burned when you really need it.

      No matter how light he is, it’s sure to cause problems with the lens mount. Ouch.

    9. HI Jeff,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have a lovely blog with wonderful images.

      I keep thinking about the lens mount which will surely bear the brunt of his weight.

      It’s just too painful for me to think about it.

    10. I hope the poor guy was tired enough to make that worthwhile – or light enough so as not to cause too much damage! 🙂

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