Cameras you don’t need to focus is next?

This latest news about a camera capable of letting photographers choose the focus of their pictures after the fact is mind boggling if it’s true.

Ren Ng, CEO of Lytro, the company developing the technology claims ” images are focused after the fact” and “users don’t have to spend time focusing before shooting. Nor do they have to worry if they wound up focusing on the wrong thing.”

He likens their “light field camera” technology to the approach to audio recording.

“Instead of recording multiple musicians all at once, modern multitrack studios record them separately so that the volume and other effects can be independently adjusted after the fact to create a sound mix.”

The company developed a special array of lenses that fits in front image sensors and helps break the image apart into individual rays, along with software to help reassemble aand manipulate it.

Here are some test photos from their Lytro’s cameras.

I’m excited about this possibility naturally.

Too bad this is not software that will save your out-of-focus shots, huh?

Those my friends, will have to remain in the trash.

Maybe when these cameras hit the market, you won’t have to shoot as much?

Choosing what will be the subject and therefore in focus will no doubt bewilder some beginners.

Their indecision and inexperience will have them choose everything to be in focus? 😉

Take a look at  pictures from light field proto-type camera.
Peter Phun Photography

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