Edible images

An image good enough to eat. I saw this very nice portrait gracing the surface of a cake at Red Ribbon Bakery.

I spied these two cakes at Red Ribbon Bakery in Moreno Valley recently.

Don’t worry, I asked permission to take a picture in their store.

By show of hands, would you guys eat a cake like this?

A bigger cake with a really nice-looking photo. The resolution on the cake's surface is remarkable.

I don’t have an opinion either way.

It’s an easy way to ‘customize’ a cake to be sure.

If one of my images ever make it on a cake, I must insist they also get a printed photo.

Nowadays, you can even get throws and blankets knitted with an image.

We’ve seen coffee mugs, mouse pads and even totes.

I’m just waiting for one someone to come up with a way to tattoo a digital file.

Sadly when an image is so easily put on a surface, it gets cheaper and sloppier.

I’m sure tattoo artist the world over will not be happy when their clients can do it themselves at home with some software on a computer.

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3 thoughts on “Edible images”

  1. Hi Tracy,
    It’s very kind of you to take the time to leave a comment on my blog.

    I’ve never tried one of my images on a cake.

    I bet your kids would love this. The early pictures I saw on cakes weren’t so good but the technology has improved.

    If you do make such a cake, please save me a piece. 😉

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