Steve Jobs

Albert Watson's portrait of Steve Jobs shot on a 4 x 5 camera is probably the most widely seen image today since it was displayed on Apple's website on the announcement of his death.

So much has already been said about Steve Jobs and how he has touched so many lives.

Like the countless millions who use Apple products, I felt a strange sense of loss at his passing.

Even though I never met him in person, I felt a connection because his genius had a direct and very profound impact on my life.

Prior to using a digital camera, my involvement with a personal computer was strictly word processing and playing Tetris on a Mac Plus.

When I made up my mind that I was leaving the news photography business, I had lots of things in mind.

Besides the financial preparations, foremost on my mind was how to learn the much needed skills I would need to make it on my own.

The Apple platform is universally known for being more intuitive, user-friendly and generally more trouble-free.

The Apple platform made that transition much easier for me.

When things work like they’re supposed to, a lot is taken for granted.

A lot of ingenuity was taken for granted.

Jobs is a good reminder that a formal education isn’t that important especially in today’s world where information can be found online.

Kudos to photographer Albert Watson for that wonderful image of Jobs especially when you read the back story of Job’s very imposing personality.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Peter. Not to mimic Sarah’s comment. LOL.

    His speech was awesome.

    “I never graduated college, so this is the first time I’ve been to a college graduation.” How ironic.

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