Meet Callie the hydrophilic dog

Calliope enjoys the water fountain in an open air cafe area. 1/4000 sec @f2.8 ISO 400

I’ve said before but it’s always worth mentioning.

Even seasoned photographers who supposedly have their camera handling down, need to be taking pictures often.

That’s how you keep up your skills.

Prior to auto focus, the only way to get comfortable with a telephoto lens especially if you’re shooting sports is to use that lens often.

I watched Callie play with the jets of water shooting upwards. She was so caught up with it, she didn't even pay any attention to me as I approached. Note how the water stands out much more than in the other picture. When shooting something transparent like water, backgrounds play a very important part.

You learn, for instance, when tracking a subject that is moving towards you, you need to turn the focus ring clockwise or counterclockwise and at a rate proportional to how fast they approach.

These days with auto focus, you still need to make sure to choose the right ‘dot'(Canon uses red, Nikon a black dot) in your viewfinder in anticipation of where your subject is going to be.

If the subject is approaching you might want to select the top dot as they get bigger and closer.

Backgrounds that are darker help make the water stand out more. 1/3200sec @f2.8 ISO 400

Looking for pictures in public places

Over the years I’ve spent much time driving around looking for pictures of people or creatures in public places.

Why public places? Well, you don’t want to run afoul of the law. That’s why.

Malls are not public places.

Don’t mistaken them for such. They are actually private property.

Just because anyone can enter a shopping mall, it doesn’t mean you can enter and take pictures like if you were at a public park.

Since cameras are so common these days, it’s a battle the mall security can’t possibly enforce unless you draw attention to yourself.

Then they’ll likely ask you to leave. Remember, no one has the right to tell you to delete your images, not even the police.

I came across Callie (short for Calliope) at an outdoor fountain yesterday.

I asked Callie’s owner if it was okay to make some pictures of her.

Even though I didn’t need to ask for permission since it was a public place.

This is especially true if you want to point your lens at children.

Peter Phun Photography

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