Homemade beauty dish versus Orbis Ring flash

It was fortuitous that my buddy Rodrigo Peña bought an Orbis Ring Flash as I was putting the finishing touches to my homemade beauty dish recently.

Both are light modifiers since they don’t actually generate light.

But that is where their similarities end.

The Orbis ringflash creates a distinctive shadow that sort of hugs your subject.

Beauty dish on the right aimed downwards with White Balance adjusted to “Flash” Canon Powershot G11
Orbis Ringflash off to the right. Nikon D3 1/250 sec f7.1 ISO 100
Beauty dish on the right, Auto White Balance Canon Powershot G11
Orbis ringflash on the right. Nikon D3
Beauty dish on the right. White Balance on ‘Flash’ Canon Powershot G11
Nikon D3 with a 15mm and the Orbis flash around the fisheye lens. The white circle is the ring flash. Cool look only possible with ring flash and fisheye lens combination.

Peter Phun Photography

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2 thoughts on “Homemade beauty dish versus Orbis Ring flash”

  1. Agreed Mike. I feel it’s still a worthwhile comparison though. Many people are curious as to what exactly a ring flash does.

    As far as a comparison between a commercially sold beauty dish and my home made one, there won’t be a whole lot of difference. They essentially use the same principle of making the small light source big. The commercially sold ones might have a more even spread because they didn’t paint by hand like I did, Mike. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure comparing a ringflash to a homemade beauty dish is an apples to apples scenario. It would be interesting to see your dish compared to a commercial beauty dish.

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