Testing My Do-It-Yourself Grid Spot

This morning I was determined to test my D-I-Y Grid Spot.

And I found a willing subject.

Domingo was more than willing when I told him I would give him the digital file to use for his business.

Mouse over the image above to see the placement of my grid spot in relation to my subject Domingo.

My guess is best results would require you to set your flash to its longest zoom setting especially if you are using iTTL (Nikon users) or ETTL (Canon users).

But that may not be the case especially since I shoot my Speedlite on Manual at reduced power settings to give me consistent.

I will need to run some tests to see how much loss of power results from using the grid spot.


Ideally I would have a more controlled situation much like the situation in the picture below.

Placement of the Speedlite would have to be closer especially if I wanted to just light the person’s face while letting the light fall off on the rest of the body.

Naturally the closer you get your grid-spot-fitted-Speedlite to your subject, the narrower and more focused the beam.

There’s a Spring storm outside, so I had to stay indoors and coax my cat Tempe to stay put and be my model.

Tempe seems to like the grid spot because the light isn't as intense. 1/64th power on a Canon 550EX. 1/1600sec @f4 ISO 200 original Canon 1D.

Did you miss this Do-it-Yourself Grid Spot tutorial?

Peter Phun Photography

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2 thoughts on “Testing My Do-It-Yourself Grid Spot”

  1. Hi Paul. I think you will like this cheapie D-I-Y project. A handful of straws would be more than enough since you can cut one into 10 pieces. The trick is to use double-sided tape. I’d love to see what you do with your grid spot. Please share them with me here. Great to hear from you as always.

  2. Nice Peter.

    I’m going to have to steal a bunch of straws from Wood’s Coffee and make me one now.

    I love how the lighting is focused on just the subject and really makes them pop.

    I need one of these to re-shoot my starfish/sunset photo.

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