Happy Father’s Day

Yours truly with my dad when he was master of ceremony during Sports Day circa 1965 in Penang, Malaysia

For this post about Father’s Day, I searched high and low to see if I could find a picture of my dad and I.

I believe I have mentioned this, I have only found this one.

And I’m quite lucky to have this actually.

It’s not uncommon for folks to not have pictures of themselves with their parents.

In fact, this generation runs a very risk of losing all their pictures because every image is on a lone hard drive.

A theft or a crash is all it takes, folks.

Don’t be so cavalier about your memories.

They are irreplaceable.

In fact, if you get a chance, start making books out of your photos.

Those photo books are attractive, environmentally friendly (doesn’t require you to fire up a device) and archival.

Many online photolabs have easy templates you can use to make beautiful photo books.

My friend Mohan dries his daughter Kavita's hair. I loved the moment when I saw it happening and I love it even today. Kavita is in college already, so this is old.

They aren’t that expensive anymore because there is a lot of competition.

Apple was one of the first folks who made photofinishing a part of their photo-editing software, iPhoto.

Since then, every online photo lab has set up a flash-based GUI (graphical user interface) to design your own coffee table book, calendar or poster at various sizes.

To all you reading this, I hope you’re spending the day doing something with your dad.

Remember some dads don’t say very much.

They mumble and grunt.

But most will do just about anything for their kids whether those are their biological or adopted kids.

My buddy Roberto and his son Marsilio
Tony Perkins gives his son Khaleem,8, a ride in despite showers along "G" st in San Bernardino

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