Tiki artist David Schultz

David Shultz with a background in animation works on wood carvings and Tikis these days. Canon 40D 50 mm 1/320 sec @f5.6

Local Riverside artist David Shultz loves all manner of art but what appears closest to his heart is working with wood especially Tikis.

A chance meeting with Dave at our favorite local coffee house led me to visit and spend an hour with him at his home recently.

Dave uses palm fronds he finds and makes some exquisite work from them.
Dave uses palm fronds he finds and makes some exquisite work from them.

There’s no mistaking how serious he takes his art.

On his front yard stands his thatched roof workshop.

He proudly tells me the his ‘shop’ has few metal parts.

The entire structure is held together by wooden dowels and glue.

David who also paints creates art out of just about anything made of wood. I added at CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gel on my main Speedlight to create an evening feel to this picture inside his workshop.
The two Speedlight setup I used to photograph David inside his workshop.

David’s art is influenced by his love for the ocean and the surfing culture having lived in Hawaii and up and down the California coast.

The challenge in taking pictures during the day at any outdoor location is?

The omnipresent all powerful sun.

Daylight, especially between the hours of 9am and 3pm in the Spring, in these parts is always a tough beastie to tame.

The sun is during these hours is already high so everything is lit.

That translates into distractions everywhere and generally overhead lighting.

Some objects you can move or eliminate by changing your camera position, but what if the object is huge building with a white walls or shiny reflective windows?


Canon 40D with 50 mm and 17-35 mm lens

2 Canon Speedlights 580 EX II with Cybersync radio slaves

1 CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gel for my Speedlight

Homemade beauty dish and home made snoot grid

1 Lightstand with reflector holder by Photoflex used as boom with beauty dish

Gorillapod table top tripod for 2nd Speedllight

A personal project to feature local artists

I’ve been feeling out of practice lately, that’s why I’ve decided to get out and make pictures of fellow artists.

It’s an opportunity for me to network but also a chance to keep in practice. Do you know any artists in our area that you think would make a good subject?

Shoot me an email with their contact and phone number.
Peter Phun Photography

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One thought on “Tiki artist David Schultz”

  1. Thanks Peter.

    I must say, one of the things that attracts me most to your blog & website is your tenacious creativity. Your ability to go out and make your own assignments, not for the money, but for the creative side.

    Thanks you for this.

    It’s also funny how much our endeavors parallel each others as I’ve actually been doing it myself up here in Bellingham. I’ve currently working on a project for a local martial arts school. Taking portraits and images of their facility for use on their website. In return, they are giving me free physical fitness classes. A fair trade.

    Also, there are several local musicians I’ve set up to shoot. Gotta keep busy and this stuff helps me creatively so I don’t slump.

    Thanks Peter and have a great day.


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