Happy Father’s Day

My son’s Math teacher Eric Oravets congratulating his son Alec during graduation. Alec and my son Gabriel, ranked in the Top Ten in their class. Can you see the pride in his eyes?

There’s an article floating around that claims that taking lots of pictures has detrimental effects for your memory.

As a photographer, I was a little troubled to read this naturally.

But after reading the article carefully, I realized I don’t have much to worry about.

While it’s true I take a lot of pictures, I only take a lot of pictures when I’m documenting events.

Important events and milestones need to be documented.

Gabriel who happens to be born on my birthday as well finished in the Top Ten at his high school.
Gabriel who was born on my birthday 18 years ago  finished in the Top Ten at his high school in a graduating class of nearly 600 students.

I don’t indiscriminately take pictures of everything I see.

I believe the article is directed at folks who whip out the smartphone and fire willy-nilly, making their smartphone a substitute for their memory.

On this this special Sunday, I would like to wish all you fathers out a “Happy Father’s Day”

Make it a good one.

My buddy Al Bartos with his daughter and grandson. Happy Father's Day, Al!
My buddy Al Bartos with his daughter and grandson. Happy Father’s Day, Al!