Faces of 2016

Over the course of a year, I’m quite surprised at times at the variety of faces my camera sees.


The majority of these are portraits.

Some are subjects I’ve photographed previously.

Others, are 1st timers.

I’ve learned I have to do my absolute best because that portrait I make could be something extremely precious.

Cece Alvarado

I’m very lucky that my clients arrive knowing they can expect my absolute best effort.

I’ve always believed that first impression a visitor to your website gets when they see your portrait is one you can control.

It’s after all a still image so you can absolutely make it your ‘best’ side.

A couple of years back, I photographed Riverside County’s Supervisors.

It wasn’t difficult but it did require proficiency  as there was no room for experimentation.

The Supervisors only meet once-a-month and being the important people that they are, I had to work around their monthly meeting.

Needless to say, I had 5 minutes with each of them.

There was just barely enough time to exchange pleasantries and they were out of the makeshift studio.

It’s similar to when I have to photograph the UCR Chancellor.

I get 20 minutes and that includes the setting up and tearing down in his office.

Generally speaking when asked how long would a headshot take, I say a minimum of 30 minutes if there is no change of wardrobe.

Fryda and Shelly dressed as clowns during my last Small Flash Lighting workshop. We tried something very  different and  we had a blast because they did such an amazing job with the makeup and wardrobe. I found a landscape which I composited with the portrait of them. Hope you like the editing and my choice of colors everyone. Let me know under comments. Happy New Year everyone.

Peter Phun Photography

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