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Review: Orlit Rovelight RT610 with transmitter TR611C

Buying experience

Anastasiya Mitr in a lovely dress designed by Marie Bonner from an October 2017 photo shoot.

Now that I’ve actually put the Orlit Rovelight RT610 and its companion transmitter TR611 on at least 2 on-location shoots, I feel I can objectively say what I like and dislike about it.

I originally purchased it through Amazon but due to poor quality control, blame either Adorama or the manufacturer, I received a unit that was DOA (dead on arrival). Continue reading Review: Orlit Rovelight RT610 with transmitter TR611C

Catrina theme photoshoot 2017

Rocio dressed as a Catrina against a graffitied wall of an abandoned building

This year when I got together with my very talented friend, Mexican artist Fryda Fernandez, to create some Catrina  pictures for the “El Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) theme, she did not disappoint with her makeup creations and styling.

Fryda at the abandoned building with her own sugar skull makeup and styling.. Also at an abandoned building

This year we decided to take it outdoors on location.

Part 1 of our shoot was at  an abandoned building and Part 2 was on the grounds of my buddy Martin Sanchez’s Tios Tacos restaurant in downtown Riverside. Continue reading Catrina theme photoshoot 2017

Day of the Dead photoshoot 2016

l to r: Shelly, Ammy and Fryda in sugar skull makeup from 2016. This was indoors and in the hallway to be specific of an office building.

Every October I get together with my good friend Fryda Fernandez, a Mexican artist of extraordinary talent to collaborate on a El Dia De Los Muertos “Day of the Dead” theme photoshoot.

Many folks especially not familiar with Southern California and Mexico wrongly assume it’s a “Mexican” version of Halloween celebration. Continue reading Day of the Dead photoshoot 2016

Our need to think we are originals

Arianna in Aztec dance costume spinning in late evening fading light at Tios Tacos restaurant. Original? Probably not, Aztec dancers have been photographed over and over again. My ‘spin’ on this was just asking Arianna to spin during the exposure and timing it so her face was lit by my Speedlites.

I prefer a face or a person to a landscape.

Whenever I post a landscape or a scenic, which is kind of a rare occurrence,  too often I’m asked, “So…where is this place?” It would be polite to at least say something about the picture before you ask where I took it. (I’m not fishing for a compliment, just saying it’s being courteous)

Continue reading Our need to think we are originals