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Pretender or real, thanks to technology, we’re all photographers

The explosion of digital cameras on to every imaginable handheld device has empowered the masses but debate continues as to who is the pretender & who is the real photographer.

A lot has been said about fauxtographers

In fact whole websites have been devoted to putting down want-to-be photographers.

Momarazzis, a play on the word paparazzi, is another term that has been used a lot too.

A post I wrote asking pros and amateurs photographers to call for a truce on Rising Black Star a while back showed me this labeling and making denigrating remarks about other photographers is an exercise in frivolity.

In the film days, having darkroom experience might have been a criteria to separate the want-to-be from the ones who are not as serious about their photography.

That is not to say that all hobbyists shooting film back then don’t know how to work in darkrooms.

I exposed miles and miles of transparency film before I went to school to formally learn how to develop film, work in the darkroom and learn how to use lighting in photography.

Mind you, the formal degree in photography doesn’t even make you a photographer.

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Getting in front of the camera

As a photographer, it's a good idea to take the place of your models at times to get their perspective. If it feels silly, it probably is. If your muse is good and the results are great, you have to work on how you sell the model/client into that pose.

If you photograph people, it’s a good idea to get in front of the camera every so often.

I didn’t always realize this until I started teaching.

I don’t consider myself vain or the sort who spends hours preening in front of the mirror.

In fact I’ve been known to spot a flat-top when I don’t want to bother about running a comb through my hair.

Thanks to my buddy Rodrigo Peña for sharing this picture when he helped me teach "Small Flash Lighting" recently. Lindsey who helped by being the model was instrumental in making it fun had a lot of important input. She suggested that photographers should actually show their models their results during the shoots for collaborative purposes.

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It’s not about how many exposure you can make

Shiva poses with my Twin Lens Reflex camera, the Yashica Mat 124G. The camera still works naturally. Since I can't find a battery for the exposure meter, I have to use my Powershot G11 as its exposure meter.

While cleaning up the other day I came across my old TLR camera– a Yashica Mat 124G.–a Twin Lens Reflex camera.

I also found a roll of 120mm BW film.

It had been sitting around in a drawer a good ten years, by my best guess, so it is way past its expiration date.

I will develop it in a week or two when the darkrooms open up during the winter session since BW film is notorious for having a good shelf life if it hasn’t been subjected to extreme temperatures.

Shiva and Tempe naturally found the camera interesting especially when they peered into the waist-level finder. Continue reading It’s not about how many exposure you can make

Self confidence in your photo skills will trump a photo degree

My diploma from Philippine Airlines Aviation School. It's real folks. What has this to do with photography? I'm not current and I haven't flown in years. Do I have the confidence to go up in the air? Probably if I were alone, but I wouldn't take any passengers with me.

Lately I’ve been asking myself how important a formal photography education is.

According to photographer Tony Blei, the degree gives you credibility, and offers you an opportunity to network.

My guest speaker Rick Sforza said a formal education in photography places you in an environment which fosters collaboration between  like-minded individuals .

Clearly both of them believe some sort of education is important.

I’m in agreement with them but the problem  is often the photography curriculum in the schools. Continue reading Self confidence in your photo skills will trump a photo degree