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Setting realistic photography goals

Awards–These medals were awarded to folks who were prisoners of war at a special ceremony at the Mission Inn. I documented the unveiling of the Prisoner of War Memorial for the Riverside National Cemetery. The event was solemn yet bittersweet for those in attendance.

Eventually everyone gets there. That point where if you see a scene before you, you can confidently expect that you have the picture in hand, when you trip your shutter.

Even better than that, if you can visualize exactly how your “captured image” will look. By that I mean, you’ve got control over exactly what is in focus and sharp and what is blurred out.

For the more advanced folks wanting even more “control,” they add their own lights into the scene to control  the “mood” either through highlight and shadow, or saturation of colors. It just requires lots and lots of practice.

Once there, you might think about some goals for yourself.

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Fragile Artist Syndrome can hurt you


Ominous clouds–Even though inclement weather brings challenges for photographers, it can also provide unusual vistas especially in Southern California. I found this image shooting from a parking garage looking upwards at street level. I intentionally exposed for the sky so that the pedestrian is a solid silhouette.

I’m certain everyone agrees in order to grow and learn we constantly need challenges.

So it’s no different when it comes to photography.

We all need to step out of our comfort zone. Not doing so means we stagnate. In a way beginning photographers have it easy.

There’s so much they don’t know. Fragile artist syndrome hasn’t set in.

They haven’t been told their work is so wonderful so often that their head still fits through the door.

Drawing from my own experience as a student, I was never the photo student who stood out in college. Neither did I get “A”s in all my photo classes.

I did know one important thing. My grade never reflected what I learned from an instructor.
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