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Surviving a marathon photo shoot with bellydancers1

The lovely Hadia Habibi artistic director of Al Nar Bellydance Ensemble. 2 light setup. Mainlight in softbox on the right. Background light with aimed at the red curtains just behind her.
This is the scene from behind the camera.

Photographing 12 lovely Bellydancers in one evening is work.

I already knew this going in, but I was surprised myself when I had to do so recently.

Besides the physical aspect of setting up the lights, backdrops, there is the mental aspect.

Not all your subjects respond the same way to your directions.

Depending on their personality and yours, it may take more to entice that special expression or smile out of your subject.

That’s why when I was asked by the ladies how much time would each of them get, I found myself uncomfortable with setting a time limit.

Then there was the number of costume changes…
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