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Deals galore on digital SLRs

What are the good deals out there if you’re itching to get a digital SLR?

At first glance those kits you see at the discount stores like Costco might be great buys.

For less than US $1,000 today, you can get started. And that price will even include the cost of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The picture on the left which I “borrowed” from Costco’s website shows the package that is on sale: a body, 2 zoom lenses and a SD memory card.

Costco has a “sale” on a Canon Rebel XSi body with 2 lenses: a 18-55mm Image Stabilized lens wide angle zoom, a 75-300 mm telephoto zoom lens and a 2GB Secure Digital card for $800.

Note, the card doesn’t ship with the camera but from another vendor.

That sale ends on Monday October 13th, 2008. Continue reading Deals galore on digital SLRs