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Another reason to be vigilant of your online images

It used to only apply to professional photographers, but not any more.

The average camera owner or hobbyist who uploads their images to picture sharing sites like Flickr, the world’s largest presently, are finding that not everyone online respects intellectual property.

It’s downright unfair, dishonest and clearly is theft.

It’s especially despicable when these thieves are making money off your image.

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Copyright: Garcia versus Fairey

If you create any sort of content especially if it’s something you can digitize, you probaby want to pay attention to this case of Associated Press stringer Mannie Garcia vs. Shepard Fairey.

Artist Shepard Fairey who colorized a picture which photographer Manny took of President Obama has sued Associated Press. Exactly why I’m not sure. It’s baffling for sure.

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