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Too much light

When cooking, if you’re the sort who thinks one teaspoon is good, and 2 or 3 will be even better, then you probably eat alone a lot.

Come to think of it, you probably eat lots of leftovers too.

When you’re making pictures, especially when you are starting to explore lighting, resist over-lighting.

It’s all about quality of light not quantity.

It’s precisely that reason photographers sometimes choose to light their subjects.

Less is more–Artist Johnnie Dominguez was photographed using just available light and a large gold reflector. My friend Ted Kulesa held the reflector on the left of Johnnie just outside the frame. Canon 40D ISO 800 1/125 sec @ f2.8 camera on monopod. 80-200 zoom @ 80 mm. No fancy schmancy lights or flash used. I did have an voice-activated assistant Ted Kulesa. I wish I took more behind-the-scenes pictures of this. I’m starting to do so now that I’m teaching.

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