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Voices and our mental image

Toys from my past–This fleet of Piper Tomahawks owned by Philippine Airlines Aviation School, were brand new when I arrived in Manila, Philippines for my flight training in 1979. My classmates and I were the first group of trainees to cut our teeth on these trainers. Photo by the late Captain Petronilo Dangoy, superintendent of the school and personal pilot for former president Ferdinand Marcos.

For most folks when we close our eyes, our ears take over as the primary sensor.

The problem is our brain has ideas of its own.

And boy does it ever.

It must have been 1980 when I realized this for the first time.

I was a lot younger then and I was learning to fly in the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines.

Picture a bunch of adolescent guys between the ages of 18-24, whose only responsibility is to attend ground school, sleep, eat and learn to fly. Continue reading Voices and our mental image