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Murals of art in Japanese Rice Fields

What I’m about to do is a first: rip off someone else’s pictures and use them here.

After you see these incredible pictures, I’m hoping you’ll see why they need to be shared. This came by way of an email.


Since I have no leads as to how to locate the owner for permission, I’m hoping he/she will contact me and let me know so I can give the proper attribution.

The great thing about the internet is the word will get around and, eventually I hope, the photographer of these pictures will contact me.  When they do, 2 things will happen, he/she will ask that I :

  • take these pictures off, which I’ll gladly do, just please don’t sue me
  • they’ll thank me with lifetime supply of rice for sharing these wonderful works of art

I’m just cutting and pasting from the email from this point on.

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