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My deadline draws closer

Siblings–The image above taken in 2001 with a Nikon D1 is among my favorite of my kids. I don’t recall much about it. Just dad with kids playing out front of the house. Most of my favorite family pictures are seat-of-the-pants variety. I’m either ready or I’ll catch it another time. The trick is to always be ready with that camera. Then you can make it seem like luck.

As the day for my “show” at Back to the Grind draws closer and closer, I am feeling a little anxiety.

Those of you who live in the area, mark the day on your calendar April 1.

Riverside has its monthly Art Walk, the 1st Thursday of every month which begins at 6 pm.

If you’re around, come by and say hi. I promise this is not a gag or a practical joke.

I’m grappling with what to display.

It would be nice if all the pictures could be work I’ve done since I left the newspaper.
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