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Dr.Juliet Beni–UCR’s youngest doctoral candidate

Dr. Juliet Beni earned her doctorate in psychology from UC Riverside. She is the youngest person in UCR’s history to be awarded with a doctorate.

One of the biggest appeals to photographing mostly people is the chance to meet new people.
Even the most ordinary person has at least one interesting and remarkable story.

You just have to ask the right way and hopefully that will come through when they talk about it.

But you need to be ready with that camera.

I got a chance to meet UC Riverside’s youngest doctoral candidate, Dr. Juliet Beni, 19. Continue reading Dr.Juliet Beni–UCR’s youngest doctoral candidate

More pictures after UCR 2012 school of business graduation

Jessica Hala’s family brought out a special mat, decked her out in floral wreaths and other decorations so they could pose with her after the ceremony. I shot this with a wide angle lens on my Canon 5DM2 raised on a monopod and triggered the shutter by a cable release.
Guests, family and friends of graduates enjoy each other’s company as they pose for pictures

After the formal affair ends, there are still plenty of picture-taking opportunities.

Remember, there is limited seating, each graduate only gets a few tickets for their family and guests.

So you can expect that the graduates will have family and friends waiting outside with balloons, flowers and other gifts.

Be ready for lots of hugging, hand-shaking and kissing and other emotional outbursts.

Your biggest challenge?

Finding a way to eliminate clutter in your viewfinder in an area that’s sure to be crowded with lots of people trying to get pictures too.
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Cameras at UCR 2012 school of business graduation

Cameras everywhere—if I were wanted and I needed to hide or blend in folks, this would be the perfect place to hide out.

Of the many, many events I photographed during my newspaper career, graduations are the most fun.

The degree of fun or fun factor is directly proportional to how cooperative my subjects are about being photographed.

To date no one has ever objected to me taking their picture at a graduation because it is always a happy affair. Continue reading Cameras at UCR 2012 school of business graduation