My 2nd time around…

What a ride this has been. After a year, of experimenting with WordPress, I finally messed it up so bad, I had to revamp and start all over. Version 2.0.5 was not nice to me.

Only goes to show you can never get too cocky. I guess I started experimenting too much with too many widgets, plug-ins until, lo and behold, it started bogging down and slowed to a crawl. Then calamity!

Needless to say I should have backed up everything. Live and learn as they say. It’s a good thing, what was up was nothing like a doctoral thesis. I think I did back it up. The trouble is all my posts are in the database somewhere and I’ll need help to find them since it’s in php–might as well be Urdu to me.

Wish me luck, won’t you? …this second time around. I’ll be sure to write in a word processing app first, then cut and paste instead of composing directly in this web window.

How ironic that this happened just after I showed the Mac user group I belong to how to WordPress works.

I have good feelings about this version though. It already feels faster as I write this. I wonder what the problem was with version 2.0.5.

Whatever the case, I’ll be investigating how to backup more closely but not on this install which is hosted on my webserver.

Okay, no backup, no biggie. Luckily I’ve been “googling” and searching “Pixel Pete” and everybody’s favorite search engine has been bringing up cached pages which I”ve been cutting and pasting all my previous posts.

It’ll take me a bit to get back to where I was but it’s a good lesson and a good time for me to discard those posts I haven’t been too happy about.